Average Dimensions of Counter Depth Refrigerators

Counter Depth Refrigerators are becoming more and more popular in modern kitchens. With their more shallow design, they fit back to be flush with cabinets and counters, giving them something of a built-in look without all the hassles of actually building them into the cabinetry. However, given their close relation to some built-in models (such as those from Sub Zero which can be built-in or used as standalone) we have included all of them in the averages dimensions here.

These numbers have been compiled from our extensive database of refrigerator sizes and recommended clearances. We currently have specifications from over 950 refrigerators that are available on the market today, and that number is always growing.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions

Minimum Maximum Average
Width 30.00 in 48.00 in 35.72 in
Depth 24.00 in 42.25 in 28.99 in
Height 65.63 in 81.75 in 69.66 in

As always, when sizing a refrigerator for your kitchen it’s important to pay attention to the recommended clearances posted by the manufacturer. We’ve run the numbers here for you already, so you can see the difference between the refrigerator sizes, and the actual required dimensions for installation. Knowing these enclosure size requirements can help you to avoid the most common reason for mistake that leads to costly refrigerator returns.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Recommended Enclosures

Minimum Maximum Average
Width 30.26 in 48.00 in 36.21 in
Depth 24.25 in 42.25 in 29.84 in
Height 66.63 in 81.75 in 70.36 in

As you can see, the average recommended enclosure size is about a half inch taller and wider than the dimensions of the fridge, and almost a full inch deeper. This is to allow for the plugs in back, as well as proper air-flow to keep the radiator from overheating.

These averages and dimension ranges can help you to understand the general space requirements for counter depth refrigerator installation, and point out the importance of checking the recommended clearances. Of course, every refrigerator has it’s own style and space requirements, and so you shouldn’t rely on average dimensions to help you pick the right one for your kitchen.

5 Responses to Average Dimensions of Counter Depth Refrigerators

  1. I keep having trouble with the concept of Counter Depth refrigerators. Some of them seem to be just as deep as standard refrigerators? For instance, the “max” you have listed here at 48″ seems quite deep even for a standard fridge.

    • It certainly can seem that way Patrick. For the most part Counter Depth refrigerators are more shallow than their standard counterparts. Some manufacturers and retailers will promote deeper refrigerators as “Counter Depth” though, so you do have to be careful.

      As with any refrigerator purchase, it’s important to put aside all the abstract claims and look at the actual dimensions to make sure they will work for your situation.

  2. It’s hard to find a great free standing 29″ depth refrigerator. The better models are huge and we can’t fit it thru our kitchen door which is 29.5. I will probably buy a Fisher and Paykel but I haven’t seen any wonderful reviews on them from owners. The only review I did see wasn’t encouraging. The F&P is smaller than what we have now a Kitchen Aid but it’s ready to retire.

    What are people buying besides Fisher and Paykel? The smaller US brands are horribly cheap things and ugly!

    • Joseph Seeley says:

      There are counter-depth models that should be able to fit through your kitchen door, at least if you remove the refrigerator door-handles and perhaps the doors themselves in some cases. Bosch and Dacor have some you might look at.

  3. I am looking for a refrigerator with the following dimensions:
    W 32 1/2 to 32 3/4, D 27 3/4 to 28 1/2 H 66 to 68
    Anything available?

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