Kenmore 2537031221 Review – 26.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

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26.7 cu ft Kenmore 2537031221 Refrigerator

Gorgeous and Efficient

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Kenmore’s 2537031221 is a 26.7 cubic foot capacity refrigerator with a white finish. This fridge with a white finish might be even slightly better than it’s stainless steel sibling.

Feature Packed at a Low Price Point

Kenmore has a lot of refrigerators in their line-up, and even though the 2537031221 isn’t part of their Gold line of refrigerators it is as well-equiped as all but their most expensive models. With the 2537031221 you get spill-proof glass shelves, great energy efficiency, an LED control panel on the door along with an ice and water dispenser that both make use of the built-in water filter. The ice dispenser can even dispense cubed or crushed ice.

2537031221: Beautiful Styling

As I said in the review of the 2537031321, I really like the styling on this refrigerator. The white finish isn’t my cup of tea of course, I prefer stainless exteriors most of the time. However, the way the hidden hinges on the doors, handles, and the ratio of dimensions all make this one of the better looking white french door refrigerators in my opinion.

Inside the refrigerator isn’t quite such a great view. The shelves are nice enough, but lighting is just standard 40W incadescents up above, and the crispers and deli drawer are very basic in their styling. While the aesthetics inside the fridge aren’t that important in general, good lighting does make a noticeable difference in how appetizing the food looks, and how easy it is to find what you are looking for. This is especially important on the upper compartments, where overhead lighting just doesn’t cut it when you’re looking for stuff on the top shelf.

Kenmore’s 2537031221 Energy Efficiency

We already covered the Energy Efficiency of Kenmore’s 7031* line of refrigerators in our review of Kenmore’s 2537031321. So if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, you can find them there.

For those that just want a quick synopsis: these models of refrigerators are very energy efficient. They are close to CEE Tier 3 qualification (unsure as it hasn’t been published yet), which is the highest tier of Energy Start qualified refrigerators. They also include some energy saving features on top of that, like temperature controls on the door’s exterior LED panel which save you from having to open the door, and allow you to dial in the temperature perfectly.

Why the 2537031221 Pulls Ahead

The 2537031221’s siblings are the 2537031321 and 2537031921. There really isn’t anything seperating them but color of the finish, and that’s a preference, right? The problem with the 2537031321 though is that the door is finished in stainless steel, but the cabinet is just painted “Apollo Grey”. This means the door finish doesn’t match the cabinet finish, which can decrease it’s aesthetic appeal.

The 2537031221 on the other hand is finished in white on both the door and the cabinet. So if you’re looking for a white refrigerator, you should be happier with Kenmore’s 2537031221 than you would be with the 2537031321 if you were looking for a stainless steel one.

Kenmore’s Model Naming Convention
Ending Digit Model Color
2 White
3 Stainless
4 Bisque
6 Monochromatic
9 Black

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