Win a Whirlpool Fridge Each Day of CES!

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always a lot of fun. Interesting gadgets and innovative features abound. Now we can add some more free prizes to the list of things we love about CES.

Whirlpool is running a giveaway during CES this year. Each day of CES one kitchen appliance will be given away. All you have to do to enter is fill out an entry form at their website, and you can do so once each day. So go enter, and good luck!

(You might want to check out their products along the way, there’s some very interesting things coming from Whirlpool!)

Interesting Whirlpool News from CES

CoolVox™: Bring entertainment into the kitchen with the CoolVox™ refrigerator concept. Enabled by Bluetooth® wireless technology, the CoolVox™ refrigerator lets users play music through the refrigerator directly from an app on smart- or Bluetooth®- enabled devices. Now consumers can listen to instructional “How to Cook” podcasts directly through the refrigerator, play fun/entertaining music while cooking with the kids and even throw a dinner party and assign specific playlists to each course.

CoolVox™ sounds like a lot of fun. Music goes well with cooking, much better than LCD screens do. I’d rather it were over WIFI than Bluetooth though.

6th Sense Live™: Whirlpool brand continues its leadership in sustainability with the launch of 6th Sense Live technology, the company’s line of smart appliances. On sale in March, 6th Sense Live technology allows users to always be connected. And with that peace of mind, they’re free to focus on whatever else they want or need to do. Features like Smart Assistant, Smart Stats, Smart Nudges and Smart Alerts enable remote functionality and provide status updates, so users can be confident appliances are running smoothly at home. And by connecting to the Smart Grid used by select utility companies, these appliances optimize energy usage and track how much energy is being used.

I think this is the year my kitchen becomes officially smarter than I am. Everything is “Smart” these days. Though in the case of tracking how much energy is being used by appliances that certainly qualifies for the term in my book!

Whirlpool 20/20 also brings the brand’s onsite presence to the virtual community. With updates from the show floor, including photos, videos and blogs, those at home can get a glimpse into the goings-on at CES via Visitors will also have the chance to win appliances from Whirlpool brand’s Ice Collection, which offers a signature design that enhances and simplifies the way people use their appliances. One appliance will be given away each day of CES, and consumers can enter by filling out a short entry form at

Giveaways are always fun. I’m going to go enter now, wish me luck!

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