LG LFX28991ST Refrigerator: Dimensions of a Review

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27.6 cu ft LG LFX28991ST Refrigerator

LG’s Green Fridge

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LG’s LFX28991ST is the most efficient french door refrigerator you can buy. Find out how this eco-friendly refrigerator’s dimensions and features stack up in our review!

LG Can Pack a Lot into 27.6 Cubic Feet

Where to start with this refrigerator? CEE Tier 3 (more on that later), Spill Protector™ shelves, filtered water and ice dispenser, door alarm, child lock, LED controls, and advanced cooling system featuring a linear compressor and … the list goes on and on.

What I really like about this refrigerator is the intelligent balance that is struck with the features. There’s a lot of value to be found inside and out, but not so many gadgets and drawers and what-not to make the fridge look busy or cluttered. Each feature has a purpose and is integrated into the overall design in a way that’s user friendly and looks great.

Sure, there’s no fancy WIFI or LCD screen, but that’s what tablets are for. You can probably pick up a couple nice ones for the $1000 it would have added to the fridge’s price. (And you won’t have to lug around a 377 lbs fridge to use them!) At around $2700, the LFX28991ST hits the sweet spot of high-end features without the high-end price.

Sometimes a Couple Inches Makes a Big Difference

With a beautiful stainless finish in the french door configuration, the LFX28991ST was going to be a good looking fridge. Matched with sleek handles and Spill Protector™ Tempered Glass shelves, this is a beauty inside and out.

The LG LFX28991ST’s most interesting feature from both a functional and visual standpoint may be the in-door water and ice dispenser. It’s beautifully styled with LED SmoothTouch™ controls, and houses LG’s Slim SpacePlus™ ice dispenser. The reason it really stands out though is the larger height of the dispenser. At 12.6″ tall you can more easily fill pitchers and large glasses. This also makes it stand out a bit more visually. The added height makes the panel look less boxy and more elegant.

One drawback to this design choice is that because of the Slim SpacePlus™ ice system, the LFX28991ST can only store 2.8 lbs of ice at a time. For such a large capacity refrigerator, a relatively average capacity for ice storage seems like something of a miss-match that may leave large families still needing to use ice trays to keep up with hot summer days.

LG’s Green Fridge

Of course energy efficiency is where this fridge really shines. At 36% better than Federal Standards, the LFX28991ST qualifies as the most efficient french door refrigerator you can buy in 2013. This is a very impressive feat given all the features LG has packed into this fridge!

The final “T” in LFX28991ST stands for stainless. “B” would signify a black finish. “W” for white. But you won’t find a LFX28991SB or LFX28991SW from LG? This decision to limit choice has left us scratching our heads.

For those that are looking for a stainless steel finish, the LFX28991ST is just about perfect. It looks great, is the absolute most energy efficient french door you can buy, and is even relatively affordable for a refrigerator with such a high-end features. All this adds up to one colosal mistake on LG’s part though … it isn’t available in any other finish.

Normally manufacturers offer at least white, black, and stainless finishes on a refrigerator. LG does so with many of their models. So why do they limit their best all-around refrigerator to just one color option? I’m sure there are people who would line up to buy this fridge in black and white. This isn’t really a problem with the LFX28991ST, but a problem with LG’s refrigerator lineup. A mistake that they repeat with many of their best models.

3 Responses to LG LFX28991ST Refrigerator: Dimensions of a Review

  1. What are the dimensions of this fridge?

    • Joseph Seeley says:

      LG LFX28991ST is 35.75 inch wide with a 0.125 inch recommended clearance on each side. That means it’s installation width at exactly 36 inches. Depth of the cabinet is 29 inches, and to the front of the door is 32.875 inches. Including the handle it’s 35.375 inches deep. When the door is open all the way it extends to 47.625 inches. Recommended clearance in the back is 1 inch, so keep that in mind. The height of the cabinet is 68.375 inches, the door’s height is 69.75 inches. Again there is a 1 inch recommended clearance on top.

      As always, if you have an extended wall on either side of the installation you will need to allow more room for the doors to fully open.

  2. What is the reliability of the LG French Door fridges? The more I read users reviews to more I see all sorts or problems with Freezers, Ice Makers and water dispensers.

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