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Best Designed Counter Depth Refrigerators

Best of 2013

Written by on June 17, 2013
Counter-Depth refrigerators make it convenient to reach the food at the back of the fridge, and look great to boot. Here are the best designed counter-depth refrigerators you can find in 2013!

In 2013 built-in styles are much more popular than counter depth designs. However, there are fewer built-in styles to choose from and these models tend to be much more expensive while only saving a few extra inches of space. For slightly larger capacities at a cheaper price range look for this style of refrigerator in one of these fashionable finishes.

4. Dacor PF36BNDFBK


There are multiple customization options on the Dacor PF36BNDFBK model. The finish is called Black Glass. You can use a Millenia style handle with the model number AFM36H3. It comes both in chrome and copper. You can also choose AFE36H3B for black handles but the stainless versions will coordinate better with the next accessory.

The design feature that virtually no other line has is the AFM36VSP stainless steel trim kit. This adds vertical stainless edges to the door. If you already have black appliances in your kitchen you may not be that enthusiastic about matching them with a new fridge. This is a dual finish option that will still coordinate. The manufacturer classifies it as cabinet depth instead of counter depth.

3. Bosch B22CS50SNW

Stainless steel is still one of the most popular finishes for 2013 along with panel ready refrigerators. Bosch makes a white refrigerator that doesn’t look outdated. Some panel ready designs use flat fronts and larger handles to look more like cabinetry. This model mimics the same look for a lot less and it has a water dispenser. Instead of a shiny pebbled finish that is so common in this color the brand chose a smooth flat finish.

The stainless steel handles and water dispenser also make it more modern for 2013. It updates both the color and the side by side style.

2. Fisher&Paykel Bottom Freezer RF175WDRUX1

Design wise the big difference between a built in style fridge and a counter depth version is that the counter-depth version will still jut out a little bit. For many homeowners this small design inconvenience could be worth the savings. However, it will interrupt the look of your cabinetry.

Fisher Paykel has a narrower and shallow handle that is classified as standard. It mimics a lot of the popular tubular cabinetry pulls that will lead to a more cohesive look. The handle design reminds me of more expensive sub-zero refrigerators.

Even the water dispenser caters towards small spaces with the Slimline control panel. You can also change the angle of the spout to fill different sizes of pitchers and glasses.

The cabinet color is gray instead of the traditional black tone. The retailers refer to it as gray while the manufacturer calls it “Silver Prepainted”. Gray is a common kitchen cabinet color for 2013 so it’s nice to have appliances that will match this style while still blending in with the stainless steel front.

1. Summit CP171SS

The reviewers seemed to classify this fridge as both tall and narrow. Reviewers also stated that it was perfect for a galley style kitchen. Summit classifies the door as stainless steel with platinum sides. It has 12 cubic feet of capacity but the interior has an effective layout of 3 freezer drawers while some larger capacities only have two.

The handles are the most unique design feature. Since this will most likely be used in small kitchens and apartments it’s nice to not have the typical pull style handle. These triangular shapes are modern but more interesting than the typical recessed design.

Summit realizes that this style of fridge is for people who need to save some space in their kitchen. It could also work in a guest space, carriage house, or a basement apartment where you don’t even have a full kitchen. This is why it wins first place.

Counter-depth trends for 2013 will use stainless steel fronts. Find custom handles or tubular versions to match your cabinetry.

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    What are your thoughts on the True T-23? These are some good models, but I feel that they are inferior when compared to it.

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