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Compiled by on May 20, 2013
Freezerless Refrigerators are becoming more common due to trends in kitchen design. Cutting the ties between fresh food and frozen food storage allows more beautiful and efficient kitchen layouts. Here are some of the best designed kitchens and their freezerless refrigerators.

A freezerless or “all refrigerator” design opens up the layout options in your kitchen. It is often a built-in feature. A trend for 2013 is to use custom panels to make it look more like an armoire. This is a list of the top kitchen designs utilizing freezerless refrigerators.

4. GE Monogram ZIRS360NXRH

Large built-in refrigerators are popular for 2013. Interiors by Cary Vogel actually uses a stainless steel front in this design. This makes it the best for contemporary or traditional spaces.

This Monogram built-in is one of the more expensive ones offered from GE at $6799. It has a 21.5 cubic feet of capacity. The ZIRS360NXRH model number is for the right hinge. ZIRS360NXLH is for the left hinge. The interior has more snack drawers and crispers than you would usually find but they aren’t very deep because of the counter-depth layout of the fridge.

3. Miele 36″

A fully integrated refrigerator is perfect for contemporary kitchens. The designer states that it is a 36″ refrigerator but doesn’t give the model number. Miele offers their freezerless models in both stainless steel and with custom panels.

You could pair this type of refrigerator with an all freezer column, which is a popular kitchen design trend in 2013. By doing so you essentially provide a larger capacity appliance that is available otherwise. You could also go with two refrigerators next to each other which wouldn’t be available in a traditional appliance. Miele won the Good Design award.

The model numbers are as follows:

  • K 1911 Vi Custom or Stainless (Left Hinge)
  • K 1901 Vi Custom or Stainless (Right Hinge)
  • K 1911 SF Stainless(Left Hinge)
  • K 1901 SF Stainless(Right Hinge)

There is a lot of technology in this one such as MasterCool™, ClearView™, Drop and Lock™, SmartFresh™, and FullView™. There are similar functions in most other brands but there are also some features that set this Miele refrigerator apart.

My favorite feature is part of the Independence™ line. In 2013 you’ll find a lot of technology built right into the refrigerator such as RemoteVisionTM. It uses Miele software and a WLAN which is monitored by a service center. Client service will call you if the temperature drops enough to become a problem. This eliminates horror stories you often hear of coming home from a vacation to find a non-functioning appliance and lots of spoiled food.

To keep the design more classic and traditional use molding on top and go with a custom panel design instead of stainless steel. Mimic the look of the rest of your cabinets. The larger size makes it appear more like a pantry.

2. Sub-Zero 27″ All Refrigerator 700TR

Many designers are inventing ways to make refrigerators look like an armoire this year and this is a good fridge for that style. Most freezerless designs will be in a side by side style but this one is more of a French door look when two are paired together.

The 700TR is divided on the bottom so that it has two drawers. This will make it more like an armoire. You can choose between wood panels and stainless steel ones. Plus, there are tubular or pro handles. Sub-Zero also bills this as a tall refrigerator at 80″ which is important if you want it to look like an armoire.

This style is more versatile than you may think. An armoire replica probably draws up visions of a large French piece with lots of intricate woodwork but a flat custom panel as shown here is perfectly at home in a contemporary kitchen. It looks more like a cabinet instead of an appliance so the dual level island gets more attention.

1. Thermador Freedom Columns T30IR800SP

Integrating appliances into the appearance of a pantry is another trendy concept this year. For this look, a skinnier refrigerator is required. Most of the other models will only work in large kitchens. Using columns shows the classic configuration of a freezer and fridge next to each other.

A lot of modern refrigerators just won’t fit in vintage style homes and so these smaller columns can be used to fit the space. Here Chicago Kitchen and Bath have used a 30″ refrigerator and 24″ freezer. Not only are their widths different, they are even covered in different colors of panels.

Thermador allows you to customize the width you need in 18″, 24″, 30″ or 36″. There are also professional or Masterpiece handles. It’s also billed as a tall model. The flush installation is made possible by the Freedom® hinge. Plus, the door panel is designer to hide the vent. This is why the icebox style design pictured above works, and why the Thermador Freedom Columns get our nod for the best refrigerator in the freezerless design category.

In many celebrity kitchens you’ll find a wall of refrigerators, or at least two of these appliances. It’s a concept that would work well for families. Use a freezerless design to supplement your existing refrigerator or just to get the right freezer/fridge ratio for your family.

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  1. Miele 36″ – Just one word AMAZING.Images are great too.

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