Best Compact Refrigerator for 2014

If you have a small kitchen you may want to shop for a compact size. This has a limited number of models available but it’s the cheapest and most energy efficient category.

Best in Energy Efficiency: KI6863F30G

Neff is a manufacturer for the UK market so the refrigerators are smaller. This is a built-in style and has a lowFrost freezer that you do have to defrost manually. It only uses 219 kwh a year and has a total net capacity of 268. It uses FreshSense sensor technology.

Best in Price: GMR04GAEWW

The msrp of this is only $229 and has 4.4 cu ft. It has a can rack and 3 glass shelves. The design of both the interior and exterior is quite simple but it can also be quite modern with rounded doors and a recessed handle. It is also a manual defrost.

Best Overall: KDDC24CVS

There are several configurations in smaller capacities. The most modern and the most contemporary design is the idea of a refrigerator and freezer combination. This model is from the Architect® Series II. It is a 24 inch style and has over 5 cubic feet.

When shopping in this size you will get more energy efficient appliances for lower prices. However, there are some drawbacks to this style as you will usually just have contemporary styles to choose from. Plus, this size will sometimes have manual defrost for the freezer so read the descriptions carefully.

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