Top Freezer: Best in Refrigerator Design

2013's Best Designed Top Freezer Refrigerators

2013’s Best Designed Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top Freezers 2013

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Usually top freezers are left out of the design sweepstakes, with plain looks and styling being common. However, some do stand out. Here are the best top freezer refrigerators available in 2013 from a design aspect.

The top freezer style is one where designers and actual homeowners differ a lot. It rarely shows up in the design magazines for 2013. However, it’s the best for small kitchens, small budgets, and traditional layouts. Luckily, a few brands are taking these standard fridge configurations and making it into an appliance that actually looks cool.



Stainless steel is still a popular finish for 2013 but designers and homeowners alike are recognizing that it has its flaws. The Satina® finish on this Whirlpool fridge attempts to work around this. You can still use magnets and it’s supposed to be fingerprint resistant. It also looks modern because of the cup handles and the contoured door.

4. Whirlpool WRT771RWYM


You will want to find unique handles to be current this year. This isn’t typically available on top freezers. However, Whirlpool does have some cool alternative. Much more expensive appliances will use custom panel doors along with custom handles. While this isn’t typically offered in this configuration instead look for recessed or curved handles to mimic a similar concept.

It even has a water dispenser inside. It has a full width pantry drawer. For the $1349 MSRP you get lots of added technology like 6th Sense®, FreshFlow™ air filter, PUR® water filter, and SpillMizer™ shelves.

3. LG LTN16385PL

Interesting Handles on LG's LTN16385PL

Looking at this refrigerator you would probably guess that the MSRP is pretty high because it’s so unique. However, it’s only $699 which is probably because it’s only 16 cu. feet. It may look like stainless steel but it’s actually platinum. The best feature of this one is the curved Bolivar handle.

There are some pretty basic interior elements on this one. The interior design has premium features like LED lighting. Also it uses one large crisper drawer instead of two typical smaller ones.

2. Whirlpool WRT771REYB


The exterior design of this Whirlpool Gold® fridge uses a lot of elements that are appearing on much more expensive appliances. The hinges are hidden and the doors are contoured. It also has a smooth finish. The handles are integrated but the design is different. Usually these will face more towards the side of the fridge so this is an added design element.

The standout piece of this 21.2 cubic ft. model is the exterior water dispenser. It uses a Pur® water and ice filter. The MSRP is $1249 which makes it quite affordable for having a water dispenser.

It has one of the best designs for organization of any top freezer too. The interior design uses SpillMizer™ shelves and humidity technology for the crispers. It even has a glass compartment in the freezer which is a unique touch. It also has a full width panty drawer and Tilt-n-Go bins.

1. Samsung RT81DTBSP

Top Freezer with a Great Design

The top pick in design is this energy saving slim design from Samsung. The first thing that catches the eye is the control panel on the freezer where you can change the temperature.

The biggest feature though is the external water dispenser. It’s even in a slim design. This feature rarely shows up on top freezer styles so you may have had to go with a different configuration in the past if this was important to you.

You will want to note the height of the water dispenser though. On other side by side models parents complain that their kids can’t reach the water dispenser and on other models parents complain that their kids can reach the water dispenser. It depends on the family.

The interior also has some cool design features such as LED lighting. The tempered glass shelves even have metallic edges. The exterior display uses a blue digital LED lighting.

For a top freezer that is actually trendy in 2013 you will want to find unusual handles and exaggerated door contours. Stainless steel is the most popular finish but a black or white will still work if it is in a smooth or matte finish.

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