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Glass doors let you see the inside of the refrigerator, making your food part of the decor as well. Here we look at some great examples of glass door refrigerators that make a beautiful visual impact.

In 2013 some of the most popular refrigerators for the home have glass doors on them. These are usually the most expensive and are only from a few brands. Often there are only stainless steel options available too.

Glass door refrigerators were once used mostly for a commercial kitchen but they are becoming more popular for home use now. Not only for their great looks, but you can save on energy costs by seeing what exactly is in your fridge before opening the door. Here are some tips on making the most of an expensive appliance, or how to get a similar look for less.

Use Glass Throughout Your Kitchen

For a neutral look that sparkles use glass throughout your entire room. Start off with your refrigerator. Jenny Baines states that this is a 36″ Sub Zero but doesn’t give the exact model number. BI-36UG is a glass door bottom freezer that would work well in this style.

Look for glass pendant lighting and subway tiles for an even airier look. Plexi or acrylic barstools and pitchers or carafes on open shelves continue the glass theme but on a budget. This compliments any color palette or neutral kitchen so if you aren’t able to rip out floor tiles that are unsightly this still works.

Showcase a Sub-Zero 648PROG

The sub-zero 648prog seems to be a very popular model on Houzz and in professionally designed rooms. Note that the freezer has a solid door. The rest of the appliances such as the stove and the microwave match this theme.

Since glass door refrigerators often come only in one color you can bring attention to the stainless design through the use of a bold color like pink as pictured here. Use these kinds of bold colors on the same wall to highlight your appliances.

Cheap Glass Door Refrigerators

The cheapest option in regards to glass door refrigerators would be to go with under-counter refrigeration to supplement your more traditional appliances. Sub-Zero offers a beverage center in UC-24BG. Try a wine chiller or a soda station to free up more room in your fridge.

The Avanti Avanti EWC1801DZ wine cooler is a much cheaper option and it holds 18 bottles. The Avanti WCR684C holds up to 160 bottles. One of the smallest units out there (and the lowest in price) is the FR24SL cooler from Emerson. The price changes significantly depending on whether it has built-in or under-counter capabilities or not.

Center Wine Storage

Charles Todd Helton uses a different take on the glass door refrigerator from Thermador. He uses a center wine column. Thermador offers the 24″ T24IW800SP or the 18″ T18IW800SP. The glass is used on the cabinet fronts and even the countertops. This style of appliances may work better if you aren’t the best at organizing your refrigerator.

The other finishes in the room are crackled or frosted but you won’t find this on an appliance where organization is more important. This kitchen also has more rustic elements with the stacked stone and darker cabinetry.

Glass On the Panels

Drury Design has a new take on both an antique fridge as well as a glass front one. This is done by using antiqued leaded mirrors on a panel ready refrigerator. Try this in a small room to reflect a lot of light and your refrigerator look more like furniture.

This style of appliance can work in a contemporary room, a traditional kitchen, or even a rustic one!

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