Contemporary Kitchen Designs for 2013

Stainless and Contemporary Design for Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens and Stainless Fridges

Updated Modern Look

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Incorporating stainless appliances into contemporary design is a bit more difficult in 2013 than it has been in the past. Here are some tips on how you can keep that clean stainless look on your appliances when updating your kitchen decor.

The contemporary kitchen style has been the most popular throughout the last decade but 2013 has seen a change in this regard. There are many more farmhouse and vintage designs. This changes the type of appliances that are being used.

Contemporary used to be interchangeable with the word modern. However, since the definition of the word means basically “what is popular now” the overall design has really changed. You probably don’t want to get rid of perfectly good stainless appliances so here is how you can use this material with what is popular right now.

Smaller Scale Appliances

For the past few years oversized French door refrigerators were popular and they wouldn’t really fit in any room or in any budget. This Zin Interior Concepts showcases a fridge size that would work in almost any home. This is less expensive and will save you money by using less energy each year. It is the same stainless steel style front but the appliance suite is different than what we’ve seen before; with the bright orange UltraNova oven and the stenciled floors. These two items are the feature of the room so the fridge can be simpler.

While the designer states what stove is used, the fridge isn’t mentioned. Some mid-sized refrigerators that have a similar color and configuration are the Whirlpool WRT111SFAF, Frigidaire FFPT12F3MM, and the Gorenje FN6181CX.

Monochromatic Schemes

Stainless steel is still the appliance color of choice but it’s more of the base of an overall color palette. This year monochromatic kitchens are popular which includes gray cabinets, backsplashes, and even lighter countertops like marble with gray veins in them. Your appliances will blend in more this way. So you won’t need to go with an expensive built-in if it doesn’t fit your budget.

Try storage for cookbooks on top of your fridge like this Aaron Gordon Construction room. Summit FFBF285SS, Maytag EcoConserve MBR2258XES, and Amana ABB1924WES are all affordable stainless bottom freezer models.

Mix and Match Your Appliances

Take a look at this kitchen quickly. Did you even notice the appliances? Contemporary kitchens typically use stainless steel appliances. You’ll want a fridge with a recessed handle and a flat front. Instead of a dramatic French Door style look for a bottom freezer. Built-in cabinets and open shelves provide even more storage space. Two built-in refrigerators that would work for this concept are the KitchenAid KBLO36FTX and the Sub Zero BI-36UOF.

It’s also interesting that the appliances don’t necessarily match in this kitchen. A stainless stove and a white fridge would usually be a design faux pas but the handles and vent on the refrigerator help tie the two together.

Chevron Patterns

For kitchens that just need a little freshening up try a chevron pattern to get it ready for 2013. Typically we see this pattern in high contrast colors like navy blue and white. It’s usually used more traditionally in kitchen design for durability with a marble or stone accent.

If you already have a good base of white cabinets, wood, or laminate floors and stainless appliances this can be a way to freshen up your room design. We’re also seeing backsplashes extended onto the entire wall instead of just being right above the countertop.

Hidden Storage

KB Cabinets showcases the Liebherr 24″ CS 1360 beautifully in this room with a lot of clean lines. When going with a smaller refrigerator make sure you have lots of storage and organization elsewhere. A spice rack on the side of the built-in makes it easy to grab everything you need for a meal.

Low Profiles

Flat front cabinets have been popular for several years but 2013 has brought darker colors like gray. We’re also seeing a trend where the refrigerator matches this but in a different material like stainless steel. Save money by skipping a water dispenser and this also gives you a cleaner look. The large capacity then becomes a focal point.

The side by side style is also popular again this year instead of just the French door configuration. The GE Monogram ZISS480NXSS has a capacity of 29.90 cu. ft. and provides a contemporary look. Try to make your appliances look more integrated into the overall room design in 2013.

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