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Dimensions Clearances Total Compatibility
Width 54.29 cm 0cm 54.29cm
Depth 60.33 cm 0.00cm 60.33cm
Height 85.73 cm 0.00cm 85.73cm
Dimensions Clearances Total Compatibility
Width 46.99 cm 0cm 46.99cm
Depth 56.52 cm 0.00cm 56.52cm
Height 116.21 cm 0.00cm 116.21cm
Dimensions Clearances Total Compatibility
Width 53.98 cm 0cm 53.98cm
Depth 66.04 cm 0.00cm 66.04cm
Height 85.09 cm 0.00cm 85.09cm
* cannot guarantee the dimensions listed here are correct. While we do our best to give you the most up-to-date refrigerator specifications, manufacturers can modify the dimensions and recommended clearances without notice. Always double check the size of the fridge and the recommended clearances before buying a refrigerator!