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Under-Counter Wine Refrigerators

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Written by on June 17, 2013
An under-counter wine fridge is one way to add some sophistication to your kitchen without taking up a lot of room. Here are some wonderful kitchen layouts to inspire you!

There are multiple places in even the smallest of kitchens to install an under-counter wine refrigerator. It will use up some space that would otherwise be reserved for cabinetry. With very similar fridge designs you may feel boxed into one look but the placement and surrounding cabinetry can be quite unique.

Small Fridges for Small Kitchens

You don’t have to remodel your entire kitchen to get a new built-in appliance. Use this in a corner, breakfast nook or butler’s pantry. Upgrade to a nice stone or granite in the same color as the rest of your countertops. This smaller slab won’t cost too much and can work as a buffet or serving area.

Several commenters commented that this is the U Line 2000 Series 2115RS01 paired with the Wine Captain® Model – 1115WC but those exact models may not be accurate.

Blue LED Lights

Most undercounter wine refrigerators are going to look similar with glass doors and stainless frames. To match a modern style kitchen look for blue LED lights. It helps to protect your wine if the glass is tinted and keeps out sunlight. EdgeStar is a brand that uses these lighting systems with their EdgeStar CWR181SZ, EdgeStar 53 CWR531SZ, and Edgestar CWR460DZ models.

Smaller Dimensions

Four Brothers LLC shows that you can make use of smaller appliances that still look high end including the Sub-Zero refrigerator. When asked about the wine fridge the designer says that it is a U-Line. Notice how the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling in order to provide as much storage for cookbooks as possible.

The U-Line Wine Captain® 1115WC has smaller 15″ dimensions but it can still hold up to 24 bottles. Forget the traditional dual zone design. It comes with three temperature zones. It also has a professional handle choice. It has beech wood trim on the shelves. This fridge is part of the 1000 series. The 2115WC looks similar but is part of the 2000 series and is supposed to be “vibration safe”.

In an Island

In the previous two rooms we see that the configuration can also be changed to build these into an island. The frames are slightly different with the second one using an overlay style so it blends in with the cabinetry. One Sub-Zero model with an overlay is 424G/O with an MSRP of $3,140. 424G/S is a classic stainless style with an MSRP of $3,665.

Multiple Undercounter Designs

Storing more bottles doesn’t necessarily require a taller or freestanding cellar. Here several appliances seem to make up the entire island. It is shown with an overlay but it would look good with stainless steel too. The kitchen uses Viking appliances and you will need one with opposing hinge sides to get a French door look. VWCI1240GRSS has the hinge on the right while VWCI1240GRSS has the hinge on the left. Each of these holds 45 bottles but the designer doesn’t give the exact model used.

The Wine Captain® 3036WCWC is a 36″ refrigerator with dual zones and double doors and it holds 62 bottles.

Wet Bar Styles

This Divine Kitchens LLC design turns a wet bar into more of an antique hutch. However, there are plenty of outlets and there’s even a sink. What makes it feel more like an antique piece of furniture are the feet on the bottom and the molding. The corbels underneath the upper cabinets give the illusion that it is one piece. Plus the overlay and glass styles of the beverage center mimic the glass in the upper cabinetry. Wine Captain® has a few dual door designs where one is for beverages and the other one is for wine. 3036BVWC is for a modular overlay and 3018CLR is stainless with an icemaker on the other side. The 3018WC line has an important safety feature. One side is a wine refrigerator and the other side is a fruit crisper. U-3018WCS-01 and U-3018WCS-15 both come with locks.

Making it Blend In

In order to make a wine refrigerator blend in with your cabinetry you’ll want to use the same height and similar dimensions as the dishwasher. This home coordinates the stainless steel style with a German silver farmhouse sink, metallic lanterns, and coordinating hardware on the cabinetry. The new appliances then won’t feel so modern.

Sometimes with kitchen design you have to start with the appliances and build a theme that will coordinate with it. Glass door wine refrigerators can be quite versatile so you can get your favorite style.

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