Best Wine and Beverage Refrigerator for 2014

The trends in wine refrigerators for 2014 are:

1. Built-in styles instead of free-standing
2. Modern glass doors and stainless trim
3. Higher price tags
4. Larger capacity

Here are some storage solutions for 12 bottles or over 300.

Best in Price & Rating: EWC1201

This is one of the smallest capacities as well as one of the lowest prices. It also has the most ratings. It can hold 12 bottles and has options for vertical storage too. Noise was the biggest problem although others had issues with it getting cold enough.

Best in Design: Amalfi ART697550

This looks like a piece of furniture because of the rose cherry finish and the black granite top. The drawer on top changes the shape and storage of a standard wine fridge. There’s a 24 bottle capacity. It got pretty good reviews although the lack of controls was something reviewers weren’t too thrilled with. This works best in rooms other than kitchens just because of the furniture like appearance. Try to match it to the style of a buffet for a dining room.

Best in Feature Set: Allavino 2X-AWR157-SNT

This is more for the serious collector who need a lot of space for storage. This is a larger capacity wine refrigerator with 336 bottles. You’ll find:

Dual Zones
Built In or Freestanding Installation Options
Wooden Shelves
Stainless and Glass Doors
Handle with Towel Bars

Best Overall: Summit SWC1875B

Summit has an 118 bottle cellar that can either be built-in or it can be freestanding. There’s a glass door and dual zones. There are 14 sliding wooden shelves and led lights too. The glass doors have stainless accents and the rest of the cabinet is black.

There are two main trends in wine refrigerators this year. The first option is a glass and stainless steel option. The second is more of a cabinet look to blend in better with your decor or look like a piece of furniture.

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