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Ice Box Style Refrigerator

Kitchen Decor with Custom Panel Refrigerators

Armoires and Ice Boxes

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A traditional ice box isn’t very functional anymore, but the look is still in style. Why would you need an armoire in a kitchen? Well if either of these furnishings is actually a refrigerator, it’ll be right at home storing your food in style! Here’s some great examples of how to do it.

If you want the ultimate in integrated appliances then consider refrigerators that look like furniture. You will usually have to have the panels custom made and pay more for a built-in style fridge. The drama it creates may be worth the higher pricetag.

Armoire Style Refrigerator

Charlie Simmons designed this fridge as a replica of an antique armoire and uses bronze pulls instead of traditional handles. He states in the comments that it is a 42″ Sub-Zero. The Sub Zero BI-42SO meets this requirement. I would make one small change though. The doors aren’t even. The freezer door is smaller on this model which will be a giveaway that this isn’t a real armoire. You will want more of an equal look like the KitchenAid KBFO42FTX provides.

Instead of just having the typical 3 custom panels it’s surrounded by a more ornate built-in. My favorite part is the faux drawers that help to change the dimensions visually so it doesn’t look as much like a side by side fridge.

Traditional Mahogany Door Panels

Kenneth Fromme used Honduran mahogany and veneer. There are a lot of appliances that are built to look like cabinets and usually these blend into the cupboards around them. The intent here is different because you are spending a lot of money both on the built-in fridge and the door panels (especially if they are mahogany). A contrasting or darker tone makes this the showpiece of the kitchen.

Using Two Single Fridge Columns

Even when you replicate furniture exactly usually the dimensions are what gives it away. You can tell that it is an appliance because of the size of the doors. However Design Moe Kitchen & Bath has a genius solution. Sub-Zero was again the brand of choice. Some commenters speculate that it was from the 700 series. The all refrigerator styles from the 700 series are 736TR and 700TR. Compliment this with the all freezer models of 736TFI and 700TFI. A column style fridge is IC-27R or a freezer IC-27FI.

If you can’t afford two fridges you could still try the double effect and then add in a pantry on the other side. This is a smart way to get a larger capacity fridge and I think it would help a lot for organization.

This is so different than the other appliances because of the niche in the middle which makes it feel more like an armoire and it isn’t something that you would typically see in an appliance so it fools the eye.

Ice Box Style Fridge

Since everyone knows that you’re going to have a fridge in your kitchen it doesn’t make that much sense to try and hide it completely. John McManus uses the 36″ Sub-Zero 736TCI to create this ice box feel. I was surprised that it had a bottom freezer style as most of the other versions have been side by side. The numerous panels and intricate hardware really make it convincing and the oak panels lend warmth to the room.

Are there other styles of furniture you think a custom panel refrigerator would do well to mimic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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