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Are you sick of stainless? Wish you could do away with stick-it notes? Want a unique refrigerator that will be as useful as it is interesting? Well then these chalkboard refrigerators might be right up your alley!

The trend in kitchens has been more of a pristine model home look than a style that is conducive to having a family. Appliance costs have skyrocketed and in order to showcase these purchases personal items like photos, notes, and magnets have fallen to the wayside.

A new trend of chalkboard refrigerators revives the usability of older refrigerators. It’s also the only currently popular way to have black appliances in the kitchen. It can be a canvas for your kids to draw or a place to leave messages.

Vintage Green

If you’re going to try to paint this yourself than start off with an older but reliable appliance, just make sure that it’s energy efficient. Have a backup plan (and budget) in place in case the paint comes out too streaky or you damage the fridge. You may be sick of the dust that this causes after a few years or the look may become incredibly outdated so don’t think that painting your refrigerator will be a permanent solution.

This refrigerator would probably look really outdated without the paint because of the square lines. However, the green finish compliments the great vintage stove beautifully. For this look you will want to keep white chalk on hand instead of applying a lot of neon colors to it.

Black Applications

This application is again for an old fridge but this time using a darker color. If you are a neat freak, this isn’t the look for you. It’s fantastic in farmhouse kitchens because it will always have a worn or dusty effect to it so take the rest of your kitchen in that direction.

You will have trouble matching the rest of your appliances with this though. It isn’t safe to paint items like stoves that heat up. However, if you just have one really out of place refrigerator in an avocado green then it may be worth the risk.

Modern PSB42YGXSV Panels

For a more modern kitchen you will need to get a new fridge. Look for a PSB42YGXSV because of the stainless trim and the water dispenser. Use black chalkboards to keep with a more contemporary feel.

Use It On the Panels

If I was buying a new fridge I would go with a panel ready design and then paint on top of that so it could be changed if the chalkboard idea didn’t work out. Have custom flat panels built. Side by sides will give a lot of space for doodle. The important thing is it should be as flat as possible.

Some designers have used actual chalkboards on the panels while others have opted for cheaper painted options. Whether you have a new or an old fridge there is probably a way to get a chalkboard on it!

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