Top Refrigerator Reviews for 2013

2013 is almost halfway over, and so we thought it’d be good to do a quick review of some of the best reviews we’ve post here on FridgeDimensions this year.

We start out with our “Best Refrigerators of 2013” list, which isn’t a review in and of itself, but outlines a bunch of reviews and lists we have done, and are planning to do throughout the year. This series has been getting updated a lot recently but there is still a lot of work to be done to finish it out!

2013’s Top Refrigerators

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Whether it’s by configuration, energy efficiency, value, design, color, or feature set, we’ve listed it here to ensure your purchase of a refrigerator in 2013 is as informed as possible. We will be publishing these lists over the course of the year. The best refrigerators of 2013 are coming soon!

Next we have a review of Kenmore’s 70312 french door refrigerator. This review got a lot of attention at the end of last year, but it seems this model of refrigerator isn’t as popular anymore. It’s still a great refrigerator that earned 4.62 stars in our review.

Thumbnail of Kenmore 2537031321 Refrigerator

Gorgeous and Efficient

Reviewed by Joseph Seeley on November 22, 2012
Kenmore’s 2537031321 is a 26.7 cubic foot capacity stainless steel refrigerator. Sure it’s a beautiful fridge, but how energy efficient and user friendly is it?

Here we have one of the lists that are part of our “Best of 2013” series of reviews. This one focuses on the most efficient side-by-side refrigerators you can buy today.

Best in Efficiency

Compiled by Joseph Seeley on January 3, 2013
If you’re looking for a Side-By-Side refrigerator that will look great, won’t cost a fortune, and will save you even more money over time by running efficiently, this is the list for you. These are 2013’s most efficient Side-By-Side refrigerators!

Another review we have of Kenmore refrigerators is for the 70312, a close relative of the 70313. The only real difference between the two is the model number, price, and finish. Both are excellent refrigerators. As is their sibling, the black 70319.

Thumbnail of Kenmore 2537031221 Refrigerator

Gorgeous and Efficient

Reviewed by Joseph Seeley on November 27, 2012
Kenmore’s 2537031221 is a 26.7 cubic foot capacity refrigerator with a white finish. This fridge with a white finish might be even slightly better than it’s stainless steel sibling.

We also did a list on the most efficient french door refrigerators on the market in 2013. These are some of our favorite refrigerators, and actually are more efficient than the top or bottom freezers from major brands. (Some specialty brands produce some very efficient top freezer or freezerless refrigerators, like Sun Frost. But they aren’t options for most kitchens.)

Best in Efficiency

Compiled by Joseph Seeley on January 12, 2013
French Door refrigerators aren’t well-known for their energy efficiency, but that doesn’t stop these mavericks. If you care about the environment or your electric bill, these are the French Door refrigerators to really look at in 2013!

One of the more interesting refrigerators that’s come to market in 2013 is the GE CFE29TSDSS. The hot water dispenser on this fridge is a first for a major brand. If I was buying a top of the line fridge this year, it would probably be this one. (Sadly, the budget won’t allow for it. Maybe next year … )


Hot Fridge for 2013

Reported by Joseph Seeley on April 12, 2013
Water dispensing refrigerators are nothing new. Often paired with an ice dispenser, these cool features have now gotten a lot hotter due to GE’s Café™ line of refrigerators. With a filtered water dispenser that dispenses hot water, is the GE CFE29TSDSS the best fridge of 2013?

A short review that we still need to flesh out more. This is just a list of the top 3 most efficient “all refrigerator” models on the market today. “All refrigerators” are those which don’t have a freezer, and are often called “freezerless” or can be referred to as a fresh food column. Not surprisingly, not having a freezer helps them to be rather efficient.

Best in Efficiency

Compiled by Joseph Seeley on April 14, 2013
All-Refrigerators are those without a freezer. While this makes them inherently more energy efficient than refrigerators that have freezer compartments, it doesn’t change the comparison between themselves. Which Freezerless refrigerators take the prize for best in efficiency All-Refrigerator of 2013?

The LG LFX28991ST may be the best overall refrigerator on the market today. It made an appearance on the list of most efficient french door refrigerators, and actually took the top prize there. The best part about it is that to grab the title LG didn’t have to skimp or charge an arm and a leg. The price is rather mid-range for stainless french door models, while the fridge is loaded with features. Well done LG!

Thumbnail of LG LFX28991ST Refrigerator

LG’s Green Fridge

Reviewed by Joseph Seeley on March 18, 2013
LG’s LFX28991ST is the most efficient french door refrigerator you can buy. Find out how this eco-friendly refrigerator’s dimensions and features stack up in our review!

Here we have a different style of review, which looks at how to incorporate the Sub Zero 736TCI into various styles of kitchen decor. There’s some good information about the fridge itself, such as the price (which Sub Zero tends to be “hush hush” about … ) Mostly though, this a review of overall kitchen planning, and as such is a great resource for those who are looking to update their appliances.

Integrated Style

Written by Emily Frost on April 29, 2013
The Sub-Zero 736TCI refrigerator has so many different design options that it can either disappear into a minimalist kitchen design or be the showpiece of your entire home!

One of the most surprising things about refrigerators in 2013 (at least to me) is how bottom freezer refrigerators are becoming more and more stylish. In some cases they now can look just as good as the better french door refrigerators. Here we ranked the currently available bottom freezer refrigerators by how they look. Certainly a subjective subject, but I think Emily picked a great crop of beautiful refrigerators.

Great Designs 2013

Written by Emily Frost on April 13, 2013
Here are some of our favorite refrigerators from a design aspect. The trend in bottom freezers for 2013 is unique finishes. These finishes tend to be enamel or custom panel. Plain black and white refrigerators aren’t as popular this year.

Even more surprising than the bottom freezer refrigerators, the mainstay top freezer configuration is getting a facelift too. No longer are they just relegated to bland, dime-a-dozen looks. Here’s some of our favorite top freezer models available in 2013.

Top Freezers 2013

Written by Emily Frost on April 30, 2013
Usually top freezers are left out of the design sweepstakes, with plain looks and styling being common. However, some do stand out. Here are the best top freezer refrigerators available in 2013 from a design aspect.

Here is another review of a Sub Zero model. In this case, it’s the PRO 48, which is actually two models. The 648PRO and 648PROG. The difference is the “G” model has a glass door. Emily covers some beautiful and elegant kitchens which utilize these models to create a stunning effect. Certainly a must read (or at least, must look at) for those who are in the market for a top of the line refrigerator, or even just planning a remodel of their kitchen.

Versatile Fridge

Compiled by Emily Frost on May 1, 2013
The PRO 48 from Sub Zero is a very versatile refrigerator. Built-in or freestanding it’s a fridge that can make an impact in just about any style of decor. Is the price worth it though?

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