The Sub-Zero 736TCI in 6 Different Kitchens

Integrated Cabinets and Refrigerators using Sub Zero's 736TCI

Kitchen Decor using the 736TCI from Sub Zero

Integrated Style

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The Sub-Zero 736TCI refrigerator has so many different design options that it can either disappear into a minimalist kitchen design or be the showpiece of your entire home!

The Sub-Zero 736TCI is an integrated fridge. The built-in style gives it the ability to match almost any style of kitchen. You won’t see hinges on it which means there are a lot more design options than with other refrigerators.

In fact, this is a favorite among designers at because there are so many options for the custom panels. It comes with two bottom drawers. There is 13.5 cu ft. of refrigerator capacity and a 6.9 cu. ft. freezer. Here is an example of how one flexible kitchen appliance can be used in 6 drastically different designs.

Rustic Designs

Rustic designs are more difficult to find in a high end refrigerator as stainless steel always seems contemporary. A panel ready refrigerator is a must here. There is plenty else going on in this great room design from John Kraemer & Sons such as the paneled ceiling and the hanging canoe. The refrigerator and cabinetry serve more as a backdrop for all of the accessories and stonework in this lodge feel.

Classic Kitchen Design

When you’re paying over $7000 for a refrigerator you probably want it to last for a while. J.S. Brown and Co. uses this appliance in a more traditional design with a white panel. There are other neutral elements like Alpine White granite, Sherwin Williams paint, a Moen Brantford faucet, and Sonoma Vihara Minka Silk glass tile. The appliances in these rooms are supposed to blend in with the custom cabinetry.

Transitional Styles

Here the integrated fridge stands out as it isn’t built into a larger cabinet surround like the other refrigerators. This gives it a slight armoire effect, as does the richer wood tone. This style could be at home in a transitional, Tuscan, or arts and crafts kitchen. The latter two styles stay away from modern stainless appliances so again they will use custom panels.

Modern Kitchens

Jennifer Diehl uses this modern style fridge in a modern kitchen as it has a dramatic white casing around it that matches the door casing. The panels on this pair of 36″ bottom freezer refrigerators are flat in design. It is dramatic in its simplicity.

This surprisingly is the same appliance in a totally different built-in. It uses two 36″ models with a niche for cookbooks in between. The glaze and neutral palette are right on trend for 2013 even though this is the most ornate design. Note that this looks like cabinetry without actually blending into the cabinets. It uses a dental style molding on the fridge compartment. Also, it has more glaze on it. Gray or beige colors depart from the more traditional white panel designs.

Armoire Style

The bottom freezer drawers along with the custom panels have an uncanny ability to replicate an antique armoire. The columns on the side as well as the oversized facade on top all add to this feeling. You will usually need two of these for smaller kitchens. Even though it’s an integrated appliance the entire built-in style is meant to serve as the main focal point of the room.

Price Comparison

The price of this model has an MSRP of $7,745. There are lots of extras like dual refrigeration, an icemaker, and a door alarm. You can find these from other brands for thousands of dollars less. With the 736TCI you are paying more for the versatility of this design and build quality. You can use stainless panels or wood ones and there are also options for a tubular or pro handles.

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