All Refrigerator: Best in Refrigerator Efficiency

2013's Most Efficient Freezerless Refrigerators

Best Freezerless Refrigerators 2013

Best in Efficiency

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All-Refrigerators are those without a freezer. While this makes them inherently more energy efficient than refrigerators that have freezer compartments, it doesn’t change the comparison between themselves. Which Freezerless refrigerators take the prize for best in efficiency All-Refrigerator of 2013?

All Refrigerators are somewhat uncommon, and often the best ones are from less well-known manufacturers. That is definitely the case here, where all 3 of the brand names are lesser known ones.

It would be great if the big brands would start offering more refrigerators in this configuration, and with similar levels of efficiency that Miele, Liebherr, and Gaggenau have shown are possible!

All Refrigerator: Miele’s K1801 – Bronze

2013's Third Best Freezerless Refrigerator in Energy Efficiency

And the bronze goes to …

Miele K1801

All Refrigerator: R1410 from Liebherr – Silver

2013's Second Best All Refrigerator in Energy Efficiency

And the runner-up is …

Liebherr R1410

French Door: 2013’s Most Efficient – Gold

2013's Best Freezerless Refrigerator in Efficiency

And the winner is …

Gaggenau RC462700

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