What to Do with 322 Second-Hand Refrigerators? Build an Igloo!

300+ Second Hand Refrigerators in Igloo Form

Hamburg, Germany has the Coolest Building!

Here at FridgeDimensions we have a soft spot in our hearts for anything chilly, and what could be cooler than an igloo made of refrigerators? So we salute Ralf Schmerberg’s newest brain-child. It’s an igloo comprised of 322 second-hand refrigerators.

This cool structure has been erected in Hamburg, Germany to help illustrate just how much electricity the modern person uses. The inner part of the igloo houses a bunch of gadgets and toys, all driven by electricity. A meter outside keeps track of the overall electric usage.

We spend a lot of time looking at the energy efficiency of refrigerators, so this project is especially interesting to us. Upgrading an older refrigerator not only can make your kitchen look and function a lot better, but it can lower your electrical bills as well. Sometimes when coupled with rebates for turning in your old fridge, the savings over time can actually be enough to pay for the new refrigerator.

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