Ace Metrix Finds Refrigerator Brands at the Top

Each year Ace Metrix puts together a survey of the most influential commercial spots. The entries are ranked by Ace based on a survey of random people and how they react to each commercial. How is this influence calculated? Here’s what Ace has to say in their FAQ:

An Ace Score is the overall creative effectiveness score for an individual TV commercial. It is based on two key measures: Persuasion and Watchability. The Persuasion rating is based on the interactivity of six data elements – Desire, Relevance, Likeability, Attention, Information and Change – automatically captured and analyzed for each ad. Watchability measures the engagement that a person has with the ad. Watchability and Persuasion interact to create the Ace Score.

For 2012, Ace Metrix found that the top 2 most influential ad spots were from appliance brands and featured refrigerators.

Second Most Influential Commercial

Frigidaire came in at number two for their “History of Innovation” commercial. The spot leads in with the first electric refrigerator from Frigidaire, and then highlights other innovations Frigidaire appliances have featured over the years, including the OrbitClean™ wash arm in their new line of dishwashers. The Frigidaire commercial received an ACE ranking of 691 out of 950, and first hit the airwaves on Sept 24, 2012.

Big Refrigerators are Best!

Samsung took the top spot for it’s commercial about their new large capacity French Door refrigerators titled “For Your Big Life”. This cool commercial that first aired on May 6, 2012 garnered a rating of 697 out of 950.

It would seem that refrigerators were really on people’s minds in 2012. We at find it comforting that we aren’t the only ones always thinking about these coolest of appliances!

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