Refrigerator Sizes Chart

Currently we have 1218 refrigerators in our database, and that number is always growing. With’s charts we hope to help illustrate the breakdown of various metrics that can be used to judge refrigerators. Today we will be looking at the number and relative ratios of each of the refrigerator sizes that we have in our database.

The main categories of refrigerator sizes are Full (Standard), Counter-Depth, Mid Sized, Compact, and Mini Fridges. There are no hard and fast rules about how to differentiate between these sizes, so we generally just go by what the manufacturer markets the product as. This means there will be a few that slip into the wrong category, but by and large this refrigerator sizes pie chart is an accurate visualization of the relative number of different sizes of refrigerators on the market today.

Analysis of Refrigerator Sizes Chart

As you can see, Full sized fridges make up the majority of the offerings by major brands. Compact and Counter-Depth refrigerators are close to each other at #2 and #3. Mid sized fridges come in at #4, and Mini fridges aren’t very well represented at all.

This is somewhat misleading though. We focus on major brands, and mostly for the North American market. We do have some brands from the UK and Europe, and a few from Asia, but they make up a relatively small portion of the refrigerators we’ve reviewed here so far. (We will keep working until we’ve covered them all though!)

North American refrigerator lines tend to be bigger than they are in other markets. Also, major brands tend to focus more on expensive larger models than on smaller ones. If you look at Mini and Compact fridges, they often are cheap no-name brands that have simply re-badged some mass produced model.

We will update this chart from time to time to help keep it as accurate as we can while we work to add even more refrigerators to the growing list of those covered here at!

7 Responses to Refrigerator Sizes Chart

  1. i was after a refridgerator with a door opening at 90 degrees of no more than 1400mm

  2. I need one that is 26 deep,70 height and 35 wideth What brand has this size and what store

  3. What fridges are there that are 800 cm wide?

  4. I’m looking for a fridge 800 cm wide

  5. Is there a fridge smaller then 30 wide that is close to counter depth?

  6. gloria j parker says:

    looking for refrigerator with freezer on bottom but no water in door to fit 33 x 67 space

  7. Carroll Dodd says:

    Whirlpool 25CF 3 ft wide side by side 30″ deep 68 1/2″ h
    Purchase 12/2011 with an extended warranty and has been not working.
    4 different parts replaced. Still not working

    Need to find the BEST TOP TWO IDEAS TO REPLACE this POS.

    in need of information quickly. Been without a working refrigerator since Jan 1p, 2016

    Warranty will replace (but I do not want another WHIRLPOOL MFG
    please help senior citizen Coral Springs, Fl 33065

    Purchased warranty thru Brand Smart Deerfield Beach, Fl.

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