FridgeDimensions.com is a website dedicated to helping consumers find the right refrigerator for their kitchen. We understand how difficult it can be to source a new refrigerator to fit in existing cabinetry, or to plan out cabinetry so as to facilitate a new fridge. Manufacturers often hide away the numbers you need in PDF files that aren’t prominently linked on the sites. Retailers often don’t even mention the recommended clearances, and/or have inaccurate sizes posted on their websites. This all leads to the leading cause of refrigerator returns being that it just didn’t fit.

We don’t want this costly mistake to happen to you!

To this end we have compiled the dimensions and other specifications of nearly a thousand models of refrigerators on the market today, and that number is always growing. As we grow look for reviews of specific models, as well as comparisons and “Top X” lists based around refrigerators that have a specific feature in common.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the site, please feel free to ask. We’d love to hear from you!


Joseph Seeley

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the website. I have a couple of suggestion though.
    Besides the dimensions, it’d be nice to include options like
    2-door, french door, brands etc. When I searched for the dimensions
    I am interested in, I got 17-18 pages of results. It won’t me
    if I have no way to filter them out. Again thanks for the great


    • Joseph Seeley says:

      Thank you for the suggestion Skerbha. I will be making some changes to the website soon, and allowing results to be sorted by refrigerator features, styles, colors, etc is definitely a good idea.

  2. do you have your refrigerator dimensions available in a spreadsheet format? Thanks,

    • Joseph Seeley says:

      We don’t offer the data in that format. I have been working on Skerbha’s suggestion (among other things) and our search should be able to replicate most functionality you could get from a spreadsheet soon.

  3. Are the recommended clearances for fridges because of fit or because additional space is needed for air circulation? Is a tight fit OK if there is room to get the fridge in and out? thanks

  4. A couple LG refrigerators seem to have errors in your data. I don’t think LFX28968 is 49 5/8″ deep (39 5/8?). LFX31925 capacities of 10 cu ft freezer and 27 refrigerator don’t add up to the 30.7 total capacity.

  5. Frank Casarez says:

    I need to get a quote for model # ARD104AB 15 X 16 1/8 X 20 5/8. Quote for 352 units. Thank you

  6. Your search feature is cool. I would like to suggest you add to it. You have installation type & unit measurement. That gave me over 100 results; and most didn’t have a photo so I can quickly eyeball the ones I was interested in. Next add check boxes to narrow down the search. These three come to mind: top v bottom freezer, French doors, water & ice dispenser.

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